Our Vision

Missionary work in the 21st Century.


Our Vision

We are on a quest to reclaim the tools necessary for the winning of souls.

With the introduction of new communication technologies, the tools available to Christ's people for use in the spreading of the gospel have drastically improved.

Amazingly, each advancement has made it exponentially easier to spread the truth about Christ.

Unfortunately, with every innovation Christians have lagged behind and allowed the enemy of souls to have preferred access to these tools.

In our time social media and the mobile internet are used to build a perfect storm of distraction for a world desperate for light.

Join us as we reclaim these tools for the work of Christ in the winning of souls.

21st Missionary is dedicated to using the means currently available to ensure that this generation receives the present truth.

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Make a difference

Help us make our vision a reality.

Partner with 21st Missionary to make great media content available; so that we can all share the gospel to our modern world in a way that is current and easily accessible.