Present Truth. Timely Delivered.

Our mission is to equip you with tools you can use to share a clear gospel.


Missionary Work in the 21st Century

We are on a quest to reclaim the tools necessary for the winning of souls.

21st Missionary is dedicated to using the means currently available to ensure that this generation receives the present truth.

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Our Approach

We make evangelistic tools that can reach people anywhere and at anytime.

Each media tool is tailored to a specific audience, whether in age, ability or worldview.

Combining spiritual and health messages, we are currently focused on providing you with the following evangelistic tools.


The Cutting Board

Food for body and soul.

A cooking show for the plant-based foodie; watch how you can feed much more than just cravings.

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Bible Introduction

Grace Everlasting

An exploration of scripture.

A show that introduces the viewer to the heart and soul of Christianity.

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The Message

Encouraging reformation.

Weekly sermons that expound on the present truth.

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The world at your fingertips.

Browse and search for SDARM events happening all over the globe.

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Make a difference

Help us provide all of this and much more

Partner with 21st Missionary to make great media content available; so that we can all share the gospel to our modern world in a way that is current and easily accessible.